Answering Readers’ Questions…

Hi Everyone. I’m going to focus tonight on economic questions to try and give people a heads up before things go even more nuts. I will answer all other questions over the next couple of days.

The first is from Sallyy:



What do I/we need to know about holding on to/selling secure stocks such as Johnson & Johnson or A+ rated bank stocks of TriCounty Bank chartered on October 7, 1892 in Roachdale, IN

Hi Sallyy,

I ran a chart for both companies and will post them with analysis. BTW thank you for giving me the info on the inauguration time. I ran a chart for that and will post it tomorrow along with analysis.

picture-28And here is Johnson & Johnson, there are 2 charts one is when the company was founded, the other when it went public:

picture-27TriCounty bank looks stable. There really aren’t any problems here. They may run into some small problems in about 7 years or so, but it won’t be anything that will break them. This company will be remarkably stable throughout the crisis.

Now Johnson & Johnson: it makes it a little harder because they have 2 charts, but I’m going to focus primarily on the public chart since that would be the one investors like you have a stake in.

Pluto is going through the company’s 2nd house. So there will be some changes in the way they work, maybe shifting jobs overseas to make a greater profit, but this has already started happening. Considering how crazy the market is, this company will not see big losses for their stock holders until mid-January 2010 when transiting Pluto in the 2nd will square the company’s Neptune in the 11th. This will happen in mid-late January of 2010 until late February 2010 and then revisit this position from late mid-late May of 2010 the end of June 2010. It will again happen from late November 2010-late December 2010.  This will most likely trigger a restructuring of the company beginning in late February-early June 2011. This aspect will go back and forth that year as well, so it may take a few tries to get the leadership right. If you can hold onto this stock for a while it will do well. Its value will begin peaking in January of 2015. It will go up in value in spurts that year and then again peak in just as great, or better value for its stock holders beginning in 2019. Again it will go up and down, but do very well that year.


Hey there,

thanks so much for your insight.
Do you see the Gold Price go up in the next 3 month?

Jupiter will be conjuncting the Sun from about January 20-24. I would say during that time there should be a rise in its value as the sun rules Gold and Jupiter rules expansion and abundance. Really from about the 1/20/09-2/1/09 or there about, gold should have a spike in value.


I think you’re right about Alaska. How else can the polls be off by as much as 20 points? Can you give some specifics about what might be “fishy.” You mentioned the Aleutian Chain in an earlier post and I know that the Ds down there about fell out of their chairs when the results came in. I’ve enjoyed reading your site; it has given me great comfort. Thanks

Hi Northernlights,

I haven’t had any more dreams about Alaska. But I did get from the dreams that there were a lot of people in Alaska who knew what was going on, and there were rumors going around about it. But those rumors hadn’t made it out to the public. I keep meditating on what all of it means. I feel there is something multi-layered happening here. 

Sarah Palin reminds me of an Aquarian woman (I’m also an Aquarian so it really bugs me to see a bad one) I once knew who was the president of the student body at my college. This woman was insecure and once she took the (teeny, tiny) reigns of power she went nuts, stealing money every which way she could from the Student Council fund. I knew she was up to something and ran for Treasurer the next year and uncovered her abuse.

She’d stolen thousands of dollars from a budget that wasn’t very big to begin with. And once confronted stepped down with her co-conspirator. But both of these women pretended to be very virtuous and righteous. Much like Sarah Palin. I have a feeling Sarah has a Denise who is about to bust her open. I think we are starting to see some of this coming from the McCain camp, but I have a feeling there is someone up there in Alaska who knows some very dark things about Palin and is quietly combing through the accounting and is about to burst onto the scene and get her.

I feel Palin is extremely corrupt. I wouldn’t doubt if the voting fraud had something to do with people directly involved with her or her husband. Her husband really creeps me out. There’s something sneaky about him. He never looked at the camera, it always looked like he was calculating something. He seemed up to something. There’s something wrong with that guy as much as there is with her.


If Palin runs for President in 2012, at least she has name recognition going for her… but that may not work in her favor

Patrick, I couldn’t agree more!

OK I will save these questions for tomorrow. I wanted to get to them tonight but didn’t get a chance:



Hi Denise: Thanks for answering my questions about Sarah Palin. Both Palin and McCain have said that they love and respect each other, is this really true or is their honeymoon over and they’re just putting on a show? Are the things that the McCain campaign aides are saying about her all true and she’s denying them because it’s embarassing to her? Also, about the dreams you’ve been having about Alaska, will the authorities or the CIA find out about this and will they be publicly exposed? Thanks


Back to money and such, could you run charts on Oil and Gold futures?

here are two ways to follow oil; they should have similar results :
NYMEX Crude Oil Futures started trading on 3/30/1983 on the New York Mercantile Exchange (also began on Chicago Board of Trade that day, but it no longer trades there), at either 9AM or 1030AM – prob 1030am. NYMEX symbol CL (not to be confused with the stock CL, trading on NYSE [ny stock exchange])

USO, United States Oil Fund, an exchange-traded fund, started trading 4/10/2006, NYSE, 930 AM

Similar two ways for gold, and they should look the same, too:
Commodities Exchange, Inc. (COMEX) Gold futures began trading at 1201AM on 12/31/1974, New York; COMEX and NYMEX merged in 1994 and the NYMEX symbol is GC

GLD, Spdr Gold Trust, an exchange-traded fund, began trading 11/18/2004 on the NYSE, 930AM.

I don’t know if this affects the chart, but any of these would have been “born” – created – before those dates, but the only thing that’s easily available is the day they began trading publicly.


Really enjoy your commentary, Denise! Do you see any recovery in the Dow or Nasdaq between now and when the tsunami begins late December? How much? Could you also run a chart for the S&P 500?


Swearing in ceremony is: Tuesday, January 20, 2009 at 1:00 PM at U.S Capitol in Washington, DC



Some random questions:

1) What do you think about Laura Bush?

2) Bush, Cheney, Karl Rove and many GOP’ers are praising Obama. Do you think this is genuine or they are just playing along?

3) Will India play a role in the Obama administration, especially with regards to Pakistan?


Best wishes to all of you and many blessings!


Answering Readers’ Questions…

7 thoughts on “Answering Readers’ Questions…

  1. Grace says:

    Rather than page down to the end of your novel, I thought I would post my suggestions here. First off, please do not be offended by my comments. I do have a degree in English Literature, History and I am one chapter from finishing my masters in 20th Century American history. In addition, I was the editor of my college newspaper for two years and I helped edit a poetry anthology for my small university. So, I am not entirely unqualified to critique works of literature.

    I know that writers are sensitive souls, so I don’t want to hurt feelings or step on toes. I didn’t read the entire book, because I have MS and reading in this formate with a blue white background can be very painful for me. I did read the first five chapters and skipped through here and there to the end. Be flattered, I only read about 30 pages of Robinson Crusoe online before I gave up the ghost.

    Okay, here we go…

    The characters are interesting and engaging. The plot is different from most science fiction (which I read a lot of). There are a few minor grammarical errors that need to be taken care of. I found skipping from first person narrative to third person a bit on the confusing side. But I am not a professional copyeditor, so this may be fine.

    Down to the nitty gritty…
    I don’t think this novel will sell. I am very sorry. I think it’s protrayal of Christianity is too negative. I think that some editors and readers will find it offensive and slam the door in your face before you even get much of a chance. I know it’s hard to believe the religion that brought you the Inquistion, the Holocost, 400 years of slavery, the Salem Witch trials and much more could be self delusional, but it is. People like to think the best of themselves. Your editors and readers will most likely be Christians, so you don’t want to offend them so badly that they slam down your book in anger.

    I know one Christian sect gets vindicated in the end. The bad guys loose. The good guys save the day and all is basically well in the end. But they won’t see that, because they won’t get past the parts about the Bushite clones in the middle.

    To get around this without scrapping the whole thing and starting over, I would move the story to another planet and change the religion from Christianity to some alien religion. That way you won’t offend your potiental editors and readers. No one cares about alien religions. People will accept all sorts of horrors as long as it is not about them committing the atrocities. The problem in this case is they may think it is about them, get really offended and not publish your book.

    I’m sorry. I know this is not what you wanted to hear. But you can still get your message across and get editors to publish your book if you do these things. Best of luck.

  2. Grace says:

    That should read degrees in both English Literature and History. I have almost four college degrees. One in English Lit, one in US History, I’m one chapter from finishing my masters in 20th Century American History and one class from an Associates of Applied Electronics.

  3. moonbaby says:


    I have two questions regarding the role of the Christian Right.

    Someone asked about Rush Limbaugh’s decline and you responded that his influence would wane. How about James Dobson of Focus on the Family? His influence and the influence of his organization has been tremendous in affecting evangelicals and the Christian Right. Jerry Falwell has passed from the scene. So has James Kennedy. Pat Robertson seems next. Ralph Reed seems to have been neutered. That only leaves Dobson (71) as one of the remaining big names and voices of the Moral Majority and the Christian Right.

    Second, will the influence of the Christian Right diminish or surge for 2012? It seems that by pandering to this part of the GOP by adding Palin to the ticket, McCain alienated a sufficient number of moderates and independents who would have otherwise voted for him. Leaders of the GOP assessing the future of their party may decide to limit the role of the CR.


  4. Tina says:

    Hello, Denise–

    Thank you so much for your public service! I had an observation and a couple of questions for you.

    According to this site, McCain was born at 6:25 PM in Colon, Panama, which would change his rising sign and shift his houses:

    Not that it matters much now, but does this change your reading of him?

    Next, I’ve been feeling that because of the mass layoffs that are pending, Obama will be forced to implement single-payer healthcare even though he doesn’t advocate it now. What do you think?

    Finally, do you think Bush and Cheney orchestrated the 9/11 attacks as some groups suggest? If so, will this come to light any time soon?

    Thanks again,


  5. zoma777 says:

    Hi Grace,
    I’m not offended and I’m sure you are right. Even as I wrote it I was aware of what you are saying. Christianity is the major religion here in the US. That’s really a good suggestion about changing it to another planet. But in a strange way I don’t really care if it gets published. The grammatical problems are there, too, of course. There’s only so many times a person can look at the same words on a page and notice stuff. So I knew there were those as well. Actually, the good guys don’t really win in the book, which is another reason it’s not very salable. It’s OK to me if it stays on this website or if some small publisher decides to do something with it or if nothing happens at all. I’m not a very mainstream person, and I don’t think in a very mainstream way. Putting it in the world for people to think about is enough for me. If people like it, they do, if not, that’s OK. I’ll write other books. I don’t really plan on re-writing this one, especially since the major issues in it will hopefully be dealt with over the next four years! Thanks for your feedback,

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